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Wire Antenna Analysis, Ferrite Rod Antenna Analysis, Smooth Reading Flat Bible

Smooth Reading Format ‘Flat Bible': A Bible without chapters or verses marked.

image showing bible being flattened out

A Free Bible with no chapters or verses presented to be read in a conventional book style.


Updated 3 July 2015 to include E-reader .epub and .mobi formats (for Nook, Android, iPad/iTouch, Kindle, Generic, etc.) in addition to PDF and .doc

Copper Toilet Float Antenna small float antenna image

An Experiment in Wideband Antennas Using Off-the-Shelf Hardware

ASAP Logo Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program (ASAP)

Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program (ASAP) is a (Free!) General Purpose User-Oriented Software Program for numerical electromagnetic antenna design, antenna modeling, and/or antenna analysis specifically:

Moment Method Analysis of Thin-Wire Structures in the Presence of Finite Ground. Another Alternative to Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) for analyzing insulated or bare thin wire antenna structures over a lossy or perfect groundplane based on the moment method.
Latest version 3.2 with compiled exe up to 14,000 elements

ferrite rod moment method icon frmm.gif - 4.25 K
Ferrite Rod Receiving Antenna Properties by the Moment Method

Spreadsheets for calculating and analyzing common properties needed for ferrite rod loaded small receiving loop antennas. (Not really finished but here is what I have got so far).

small image of Ray with Weaver's Needle in the background

Ray and Eric's Day Hike Monday, in the "Weavers Loop" Trail Sequence inside of the Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area, west of Phoenix, Arizona on 9 February 2004.

I originally made this as my own diary and photo album of the trip and didn't intend to post it on the web. It has lots of Rather Large and nice Photos with not much compression: I recommend a high bandwidth connection. These pictures are indexed more or less in the correct spot on a topographic map.

feet On Scale JPG 9.30 K

An Engineer Looks at Weight Loss: some basic encouragment on how I lost around 50 pounds in about 5 months.



nbcsign.gif 41.71 K

Northbrook Baptist Church,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Under Construction:
The World's Most Offensive "Religion" and Why I am a Part of It
Coming Soon (?)


My Old Truck

Some of my old web pages from the year 2000 just for fun. I rescued t his truck

truck_s.jpg 3.72 K

from a junk yard and had it fixed. I drove from 2000 through 2008 before it finally succumbed to being hit twice in a 2 month period.

Thumb X-ray from 2006

While I was at my dad's place in Missouri over Thanksgiving 2006 I got my thumb broken. For fun I created these pages of the X-rays. Caution: There is no blood and guts but I have discovered there are some people who find even these black-and-white X-ray disturbing (?).

Leaf Pile A.D. 1999

Leaf Pile 1999
I have a pile about this big every year!

Leaf Pile A.D. 2000

Leaf Pile 2000
Leaf Pile A.D. 2000 with friends who helped me rake it all up.

A Little Something I Got On A Business Trip to Eglin AFB

Older Than Thou Certificate

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