Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program

Source Code Description: Subroutine EXPJ


PURPOSE: to calculate the exponential integral with complex limits.

METHOD: The exponential integral is defined as:

exp1.gif 1.51 K

where the integration path is the straight line from V1 to V2 on the complex v plane and

expj2.gif 1.84 K

The integration path is a horizontal line in the w plane or an inclined straight line from V1 to V2 in the v plane. The integer n is zero unless this path intersects the negative real v asix at a point between V1 and V2. When there is such an intersection,

a) n = 1 if Im(V1) > Im(V2)

b) n = -1 if Im(V1) < Im(V2)

The term:

expj3.gif 0.91 K

is calculated below statement 12.



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Last modified on: 3 Nov 2007