Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program

Source Code Description: Subroutine GFF


PURPOSE: to calculate the far-zone field of a sinusoidal electric monopole.

METHOD: If an electric line source has length d and endpoints at (x1, y1, z1) and (x2, y2, z2), then the coordinates of any point on the source are

x = x1 + l cos(x)

y = y1 + l cos(y)

z = z1 + l cos(z)

where cos(x), cos(y), cos(z) are the direction cosines of the l axis, and l is the distance along the source measured from the endpoint (x1, y1, z1). Let the current distribution on the monopole be:

gff1.gif 1.45 K

Where I1 and I2 are the endpoint currents. The far-zone field of this source is:

gff2.gif 2.07 K


gff3.gif 2.33 K

gff4.gif 2.50 K

and gff5.gif 0.95 K are the spherical coordinates of the observation point.

In this subroutine the range dependence has been suppressed. The far field vanishes in the endfire direction where GK=0. If a ground plane is present (IGRD > 0) the E1 equation above is decomposed into the x, y, and z components and the reflection coefficients are applied before Eq and Ef field components are returned to the calling program.



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Last modified on: 3 Nov 2007