Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program

Source Code Description: Subroutine POLPRT


PURPOSE: to control the plotting of the polar plot.

METHOD: This subroutine is the main subroutine in the polar plot package and is responsible for calling the various subroutines of the package.

The scale factor, S, must be changed according to the printer characteristics. The scale factor in this subroutine is set for ten, 10, characters per inch for the abscissa and eight, 8, characters per inch for the ordinate axis. Therefore S = 10.0/8.

After initializing DATAX, DATAY, and X, the input data, Y, is scanned to determine the normalizing factor. If this normalizing factor is less than 1.E-32, an error statment is printed and the plotting is aborted.

In the DO LOOP ending with statement 8, each line of the polar plot is printed after a call is made to PTPLOT to establish the polar grid information. The variable, DIM, is used as a scaling factor for the polar plot. The value of 1.0 will cause all of the input data to be plotted, however, if only the values less than one-half of the normalizing factor are of interest, then DIM can be set to 0.5 . This will enlarge part of the center of the polar plot.



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Last modified on: 3 Nov 2007