Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program

Source Code Description: Subroutine SQROT


PURPOSE: to solve the set of simultaneous equations to determine the currents on the thin wire structure.

METHOD: This subroutine considers the matrix equation ZI = V which represents a system of simultaneous linear equations. NEQ denotes the number of simultaneous equations and the size of the matrix Z.

On entry to SQROT, S is the excitation column V. On exit, the solution I is stored in S. Z(I,J) denotes the symmetric square matrix. Also on entry, the upper-right triangular position of Z(I,J) is stored by rows in C(K) with

K = (I - 1) * NEQ - (I * I) / 2 + J .

If I12 = 1, SQROT will transform the symmetric matrix into the auxiliary matrix (implicit inverse), store the result in C(K) and use the auxiliary matrix to solve the simultaneous equations. If I12 = 2, this indicates that C(K) alrady contains the auxiliary matrix. The transformation from the symmetric matrix to the auxiliary matrix is accomplished in the DO LOOP ending at statement 5. The solution of the simultaneous equations is accomplished in the remainder of the program.



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Last modified on: 3 Nov 2007