Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program

Compiled Executable Download and Runtime Instructions

Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program Executables

Compiled Executables (for IBM PC and Compatibles using Dos or Windows)

Compiled versions for MS WINDOWS are available here should run on any IBM PC or 100% compatible subject to the minimum memory and performance requirements. These executables have been checked on

*** Be sure to check the instructions below on how to run these executables. ***

Note: The executable code does not contain the information about how to set up the input file for the program. You will also need to look at (and save) the User's Manual , the quick reference for the user's guide, and (possibly) a few Examples

Note that the whole text portion of the ASAP website including Users Manual, System Manual and other items (except for the executables and source) code is now available in one zip file here (~ 600 k bytes). When it is unzipped keep the directory structure the same for the links to work. The executables and source code should be downloaded separately from this page and the source code page.

Double Precision Executables (zipped) Compiled for:

All of the double precision versions in one file (more than listed here including in between numbers of segments.):

Note that the file name indicates the number of segments by the last number with k indicating x 1000. Whether a given version will run on your machine will depend on memory available. You may have to experiment to see which is the largest version that will run on your computer. You don't have to choose one that is just the right size; run a version that works on your machine that is larger than the problem you are trying to solve.

The zip file contains:

asap3_2d.for       104,520 bytes double precision source code

asap3_2d_100.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 100 segments
asap3_2d_10k.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 10000 segments
asap3_2d_11k.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 11000 segments
asap3_2d_12k.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 12000 segments
asap3_2d_13k.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 13000 segments
asap3_2d_14k.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 14000 segments
asap3_2d_1k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 10000 segments
asap3_2d_1k5.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 1500 segments
asap3_2d_200.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 200 segments
asap3_2d_2k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 2000 segments
asap3_2d_300.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 300 segments
asap3_2d_3k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 3000 segments
asap3_2d_400.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 400 segments
asap3_2d_4k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 4000 segments
asap3_2d_500.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 500 segments
asap3_2d_5k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 5000 segments
asap3_2d_600.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 600 segments
asap3_2d_6k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 6000 segments
asap3_2d_700.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 700 segments
asap3_2d_7k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 7000 segments
asap3_2d_800.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 800 segments
asap3_2d_8k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 8000 segments
asap3_2d_900.exe   231,936 bytes compiled for 900 segments
asap3_2d_9k.exe    231,936 bytes compiled for 9000 segments

in.txt                 464 bytes example input

out.txt             78,762 bytes example output

inx.txt              4,178 bytes alternate example input 
                          (must be renamed to in.txt to work)

o.txt               78,379 bytes alternate example output 
                          (was renamed from out.txt to o.txt after the run)

Instructions for Running Executables Compiled with Open Watcom FORTRAN/77 version 1.2 for WIN32 (NT/XP/Win95/Win32s)

To use the programs compiled with Open Watcom FORTRAN/77 version 1.2 for WIN32 (NT/XP/Win95/Win32s) place the plain ASCII file of ASAP input data in same directory as the ASAP Windows executable.

Start the program by choosing FILE - RUN from the Program Manager or by double clicking on the name of the program from the directory view containing the program from "FILE MANAGER". Once the program starts, a window that looks like a command shell (DOS prompt) type window will open on the screen while the program is running. If the program analysis is short it may only momentarily flash on the screen. There is no other indication that the program is running until the window closes and the out.txt file appears in the directory with the other files. There is no user interaction with the window that opens on the screen.

* Due to my experience with PC based compilers over the years, I must warn that there may be bugs in the executables that are not actually in the source code. However, I have not yet encountered any problems with the above files for ASAP version 3.2 which I compiled using with Open Watcom FORTRAN/77 version 1.2 for target WIN32 (NT/XP/Win95/Win32s).

* Note that there is no limit checking built into the source code so you can feed an input file will more points and segment that a given compiled version can handle. It will appear to run but if the number of segments and nodes is excessive the run numbers will be wrong. You should always try to use the largest version that will run on your machine.

There isn't really any reason to use the single precision version other than the fact is uses less memory for the same size of problem. This usually isn't an issue unless a larger problem is needed. Below are two versions for single precision.

Single Precision Executables (zipped) Compiled for:

Be warned that for very large and intricate problems the single precision version may not work well due to numerical stability issues. It is always best to use the double precision version if possible.

*** One more time: 

!!!!  For the compiled versions provided here,  the input file must be renamed in.txt and the program when run will produce a file named out.txt in the same directory.

Versions you compile yourself from the source code may respond differently depending on the compiler and how you modify the file handles and unit numbers in the OPEN statements.


There is also some Older (before the current version) Executables including some DOS stuff which I don't necessarily recommend (unless you can only run DOS or older versions of Windows. (Note that the run-time instructions are different on that page.)

The FORTRAN source code and executables compiled from that source are provided "free" in order to promote greater awareness and use of antenna analysis tools among student, amateur radio operators, professionals, etc. The source code was originally contained in Government reports that were not copyright and were marked "Approved for public release; distribution unlimited" (See the RDP). Mr. Jerry McCormack, the author of the thesis and this version of the code, considers the source code to be in the public domain. The compiled versions that are made available here are for convenience only. Please do not abuse this "free" aspect by misrepresenting the origins of the code or by reselling.

There may be other programs, both free and commercial, that may be more suited for particular purposes.

ASAP is being distributed as a public service. It is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the software and the accompanying informational materials. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of ASAP will lie with the user. In no event shall the author of this webpage, the host of the system on which it resides, the author of the thesis and source code, or any other person, institution, or establishment be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use ASAP, regardless of the possibility of such damages. There is no guarantee that the operation of the program will be uninterrupted or error free.

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