Ray and Eric's Day Hike Monday, 9 February 2004

Weavers Loop Picture Series - Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area, Arizona

NOTE: Rather Large Photos with not much compression -- high bandwidth connection recommended.

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There are also aerial photos and overview maps of the general area at the bottom of this page.

I originally made these pages as my own diary and photo album of the trip and didn't originally intend to post it on the web so I made little attempt to keep the size and bandwidth down. Consequently, I recommend you have a high bandwidth connection to view these pages.

The pages are not completely user friendly so I should point out that under each of the individual page pictures has a:

 <<-- previous photo on trail || next photo on trail -->> 

type navigation menu.

Most of the photo pages also have a map at the bottom that shows the general area on a map that the photo was taken.

In accordance with my personal policy of not having a recognizable photo of me on my own webpages I have blurred my face and the face of the friend that joined me in this hike.


first photo on the drive in to the trail -->>sm_img_4476.jpg 4.19 K

skip the drive in; go directly to trail head -->>sm_img_4491r.jpg 4.34 K

sm_img_4601.jpg 2.35 K<<-- last photo of the day on trail

Select from Map --->> map_small.jpg 8.54 K

or select from photo album -->photoselect.jpg 7.40 K

supersmapphotarge.jpg 643.93 K

supersmaptopolarge.jpg 1628.83 K

supersmap2.jpg 586.45 K



Pages and Photos Copyright (c) Ray L. Cross 2004

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