Ray and Eric's Day Hike Monday, 9 February 2004

Weavers Loop Picture Series - Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area, Arizona

Picture 594 Time: 1718 MST

Junction of Terrapin Trail (Trail #234) and Bluff Springs Trail (Trail #235) Southeast of Weavers Needle

img_4594.jpg 375.43 K

Looking towards the Northeast at Bluff Spring Mountain from the trail junction. Our path takes in the opposite direction back to the Peralta Trailhead parking lot. Note from the time index that about 40 minutes has gone by since the last picture. We were too busy being lost, having a short prayer session, and finding our way back to the correct trail for me to take pictures. I am really trying to push now since any idea of time margin before sunset has evaporated. I now realize that we will get back after sunset - I am just hoping at this point that it doesn't get too dark to see the trail before we make it back to the parking lot.  

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bluffshadnum.jpg 74.55 K bluff1.jpg 53.40 K


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